What is ‘Out of the Darkness’ About? And Other News


What’s the Novel About?

If you’ve been wondering, here’s the current blurb:

Moira Dolan, an investigator for The Proteus Collective, is forced to take on a dead-end case. How did an elite pilot, his family and their ship disappear in a well-policed star system? With so few leads, it seems her boss wants her to fail.
And where is her loser brother, Keagan? Torn between her only family and last chance for a career, her journey between the stars reveals more of herself than she ever wanted to know.
As the pieces fall into place, Moira and some new-found allies uncover a conspiracy: mankind is no longer the galaxy’s apex predator, and a plot to destabilise human space could cost of millions of lives…


How much of the blurb will remain relevant depends on the the approval process, which is ongoing. I’m hoping to hear something back later this week, Frontier willing.

Cover Art

Thanks to everyone for your votes and opinions. The results of the ongoing cover art poll running on the Frontier forums are pretty clear at the moment:

Cover Art Poll Results 01/07/14.

Cover Art Poll Results 01/07/14.

You want to see something different, so I’m working towards that—announcements to follow. If you prefer the old design:

Out of the Darkness Rough Cover 250x354

or the styles chosen by Gollancz or Fantastic Books, it’s not too late to vote, but do it soon!

If you have any opinions about the blurb, cover, or any Elite-ish / book-ish thoughts in general, just leave a comment below. (Don’t worry if it doesn’t show up straight away; after the anti-spam I still have to approve them.)

Thanks for your interest in the book. Watch this space and, hopefully, I’ll have some good news for you soon. Until then, enjoy everyone else’s offerings.


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