Elite Links

Official Links

Elite: Dangerous Official forum

Elite: Dangerous Official Website

Elite: Dangerous Official Youtube Videos

Unofficial News and Multimedia

Fan-run podcast for Elite Dangerous discussion and inside information: Lave Radio

Elite: Dangerous Timeline: a summary and links to all the news/development you want/need to know in one place: Советы Доброго Змея (I’ve no idea what this means. I believe it’s Russian, but the interactive timeline is in English.)

Elite: Dangerous Writer’s Websites

Michael Brookes: The Official Elite Novel

Drew Wagar: Elite, Reclamation

Allen Stroud: Lave Revolution

Dave Hughes: Elite Encounters RPG

Crowd Writing Project: Elite Chronicles

John Harper: …And Here the Wheel

Kate Russell: Mostly Harmless

Elite: Dangerous Game Book, by Nathanael Page: Survivor

Commander Boz: The Cost of Exploration

Andre Czausov: Supermassive

An Elite Anthology of short fiction: Tales from the Frontier

Unofficial Fan Sites

The Elite Wiki (also has other links)

Elite: Dangerous Wiki Run by John Stabler

Dangerous Philosophy A blog dedicated to all things game and community related. Also run by John Stabler.

Elite Stories A collection of everything Elite: Dangerous. Regularly updated and comprehensive.


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  1. DobrijZmej says:

    “Советы Доброго Змея” can be translated as “Tips from the Friendly Dragon” ;)

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