‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ is Out! Time to Celebrate!

Will 2014 be remembered as the year ‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ was released? By me, yes.

 This will be a short post as I’m still sorting out the tail end of the project, but after eighteen months the book is finally out in the wild! (Overuse of exclamation marks is allowed when a writer is happy.)

Apologies for missing the deadline; my excuse is that—being an indie writer—I’m author, editor, proofreader, project coordinator, publisher, agent, and promoter (with a little help from my friends). That’s quite a few hats. Fear not though space-munchkins, the writing and editing have taken up 90% of my time and I’m pleased with the result, both in terms of the story and the presentation. Until reality tells me otherwise, I shall maintain my grin even as I start work on the backers’ Epub version.

I’ve thanked everyone, everywhere, it feels like, but you’ve been a great community to be part of. The book’s now yours and I hope you feel it adds to the Elite: Dangerous canon.

A Little Business

Backers’ names and the names of people who have made significant contributions to the project have been included as promised. If you have a problem with your name being incorrect or missing, please contact me HERE.

If you missed it, eligible backers can gain access to their downloadable copies by following the instructions in the latest Kickstarter announcement. Hopefully they are easy to follow. After a little hiccup, all reports coming in say things seem to be working. If you are really stuck, just click on the big ‘HERE’ above and message me—I’ll see what I can do.

To those lovely people with deep pockets who I still owe rewards to, I haven’t forgotten. As soon as the basic book commitments have been met I’ll be sorting those out.

So Where is it?

You can buy the book from HERE. I’ll be adding a backers’ Epub (free, obviously), a paperback, and possibly other formats from alternate vendors to the webpage as they become available.

What Next? Watch This Space

I’ll be blogging here a little while longer, keeping you up to date. I may also drop some more book-related nuggets as time and inspiration allow. Book/game tie-ins and the word ‘sequel’ have been whispered.

After the moon dust settles, maybe I’ll see you in-game (don’t look for me yet, I’m still under an alpha-backer moniker—something else I’ve not had time to sort).

In the meantime, remember joysticks are for external use only.

All the best,


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3 Responses to ‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ is Out! Time to Celebrate!

  1. Louise says:

    I look forward to reading it!

  2. deusx_ophc says:

    this all looks great to me, as someone once said.

    gratz on going all the way as indie, multi-hat kickstarter.

    looking forward to reading your book ^^

  3. TJames says:

    Thank you, both. It’s great to have feedback and to know there is interest out there.

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