Progress Report: Medical Emergency Averted

After a prolonged course of orifice evacuation with the distilled biofluids of the Tinginian Bloatworm, and the ingestion of some immuno-enhancing Cocoa Bars, I am gradually returning to a normal level of function. Although I’m still behind, I’ve managed to catch up with a few things: The Backer’s Wall on the main website is complete. (Please feel free to contact me if there is a problem with your entry.) The standard eBadge is now available for download. (Those in an eligible reward tier, please see your personal messages on the Kickstarter website for the link.) I’ve redesigned this blog so it’s readable. The executive backer eBadge design is nearly finished, as are the certificates. I hope to send these out before the end of January. As for the writing, I came up with a background story arc that I could use as a setting for the book, but it turns … Continue reading

A New Strain of Ackanphi Plague: Current Inoculations Proving Ineffective.

This will  be  a brief post. By now I was hoping to have finished sending out everyone’s short-term rewards and have the website done. I wanted to turn my eyes to the stars and dream of things as yet unwritten… Instead I’ve been laid out with the worst stomach flu I’ve had in years (now on Day 7 and showing no improvement so far). I will catch up with everything when I feel human again, assuming the pathogen isn’t sentient and this isn’t just the first stage in my loss of self-determination and the subsuming of my will to a virulent cellular consciousness. Now you have read this post, please thoroughly wash your eyeballs and refrain from blinking in public for at least 48 hours.