A Gollancz at the Fantastic upcoming Elite: Dangerous Books

Unless you’re an Elite virgin or you’ve spent the past few months on a distant moon brushing your herd of verrix, you’ll know that May is Elite: Dangerous fiction month. There’s a flurry of book releases: seven novels and an anthology, from publishers Gollancz and Fantastic Books. Now all the cover art has been released, I thought now was time to celebrate the occasion by bringing them all together for a delectable dalliance with design.

I think you’ll agree, the artists have done a great job; each cover captures the drama and character of the Elite universe.

At time of writing, the three Gollancz novels (Docking is DifficultNemorensis, and Wanted) will be available from Amazon from 15th May, 2014 (pre-orders are open), and the four novels and anthology from Fantastic Books are now available (And Here the Wheel, Lave Revolution, Mostly Harmless, Reclamation, and Tales from the Frontier). Formats: ebook, audio, paperback and hardback. There’s too many to link to individually, so here is one for them all: Enjoy!

The writers and publishers have all been working hard to bring you an assortment of thrilling adventures (I sound like a classic Flash Gordon cinema announcer, don’t I? ) so why not give them a try? For readers of SF adventure and fans of the game, there’s something for you here.

Opinions on the covers? Any particular book exciting you? Leave your thoughts below (they won’t appear immediately, all are approved first to prevent spam).