Out of Advent, and Into the Christmas

Just a short to post to wish all my backers and prospective readers a very Merry Christmas.


Who is bringing you the biggest present of 2014, this guy or David Braben and Frontier?

Apologies for the lack of recent updates: if you were hoping for textual favours or alpha-maleness then I will have to refer you to the other Elite writers’ blogs and websites. A combination of several factors: a persistent virus, the usual seasonal prep for Christmas and family time, a few sessions on the alpha (I would like to play a lot more, but time isn’t permitting), and some chipping away at the edits squeezed everything else out.

If the holiday season means you’re missing your online Elite family and you want to connect and pick up some extra goodies at the same time, then why not go across to the Fantastic Books Kickstarter – well worth a look for SF readers and lovers of all things Elite: Dangerous.

Editing progress has been made, but less than I’d have liked. I should have substantially more time after Christmas and I’m still hoping to get the completed beta-1 draft out to readers and my editor in January. I’ve pinned down a few more setting details with Frontier, but the star-map remains elusive, and probably will be AWOL until the beta-release of the game.

Just for the next few days, I’ll be downing tools to spend time with the family, so:



Image: ‘Santa UFO on Spaceship-Babbo Natale Astronauta in Atronave‘ © bluedarkat – Fotolia.com

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