David Braben: ‘Hi TJ, This All Looks Great to Me.’

It’s taken four days, multiple emails, much head scratching, lots of hacking and slashing, and the ejecting into the darkness of the first plot, but finally I have a go from His Royal Brabaness for Out of the Darkness (Mk II).

Thargoids still feature, but due to game constraints a hefty wedge of tech and the main story premise had to be ejected. Replacing them with something engaging wasn’t easy, but the new plot now sits (by necessity) much more deeply in its Elite setting and there’s lots of potential for a gripping story.

I feel sorry for Frontier. With the change in emphasis I won’t be pushing so many unusual tech ideas, but there will likely be a storm of emails and possible forum postings clarifying the minutiae of galactic workings. They’re really busy, so I’m sure we writers are not always their favourite people. You can imagine the conversation over coffee:

Michael Brookes: ‘So, how many have you had today?’

Andrew Gillett: ‘About twenty.’

David Braben: ‘What, emails?’

Michael and Andrew: ‘No, writers.’

This though, is what story and game development is all about – everyone chipping in with ideas to bring a shared, fictitious universe to life. I now have to start researching my contribution (again), but as that gives me the opportunity to bury myself even deeper into Elite lore and annoy the FILFs, it’s not all bad.

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2 Responses to David Braben: ‘Hi TJ, This All Looks Great to Me.’

  1. Drew Wagar says:

    I’m not sure I feel sorry for them, how much did we pay for a book licence again? ;)

    • TJames says:

      Technically we didn’t pay for the book license, our backers did – so I probably shouldn’t feel guilty as without my backers I wouldn’t be able to afford to hassle Frontier. Ah, the power of the people.

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