‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ Cover Reveal

After much consulting of experts (many, many thanks to Colin Barnes, Alex Bowden from Frontier, and Liam ‘Mobius’ Rafferty for their input), and the community (my thanks to all those who expressed their opinions in the poll and on the thread) we finally have a cover!

It’s what you asked for: different, distinctive, yet still ‘Elite’. I hope you like it…

Although I did the mouse-work, it turned out to be a communal effort... 'Out of the Darkness', the book is shaping up nicely.

Although I did the mouse-work, it turned out to be a communal effort… ‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’, the book , is shaping up nicely.

 ‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ is undergoing the final stages of editing and will be out ‘soon’. (For a definition of ‘soon’, please contact Michael Brookes of Frontier Developments. .)

Aside: I’m still on holiday; more news and details of the book to follow…

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10 Responses to ‘Elite: Out of the Darkness’ Cover Reveal

  1. Jan Fuellemann says:

    Very nice. I like it!

  2. Like it? I love it!

    Fantastic cover and certainly different from the others. I do like the other covers but it’s nice to see a ‘real’ world view of a place that’s lived in. Great job, thank you.

  3. Dominic Brough (Commander Superiordom) says:

    Looks great. Well done

  4. light487 says:

    Looks great, very thought provoking and draws me to want to read the book. Sci-fi on an alien planet, yet still human enough to relate to.

  5. Dean Maughan says:

    Love it.

  6. Allen Stroud says:

    Excellent cover, well done TJ!

  7. Tim Gayda (Dung Beetle) says:

    That looks awesome TJ!

    • TJames says:

      Thank you, everyone, for the positive feedback.

      I wanted this to be a quality release and worthy of the support the E: D community has given to the project. It’s great people like the new cover.

  8. John Harper says:

    Looks superb T.J. Its come a long way. It has immediate impact. Familiar but independent. Providing such a base is an important part of the story i’d say you have hit the nail SQUARELY on the head.

  9. Great cover TJ! Let’s nope that one day we’ll be able to visit planets like this in Elite!!

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